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Dumbo's Jetsons Building Puts Pink Floyd to Shame

In Dumbo, a crazy structure next to the Manhattan Bridge (noted here last summer while under construction) is baffling passers-by with a nightly light show extraordinaire. The Jetsons Building, as it's come to be known, serves as office space for Scarano Architects, whose Dedy Blaustein designed the wacky rooftop addition to the office at 110 York Street. What about those lights? Reports New York:

Blaustein employs a Color Kinetics LED system. ?I?m the only one who knows how to operate it.? He has thousands of color combinations, and effects that put a Pink Floyd laser light show to shame. His only mandate is to be ?funkier? than the Empire State Building, but sometimes he forgets to change the colors.Naturally, not all are impressed. "To call it a train wreck would be almost accurate,? says another Dumbo architect. But this is our Dumbo. And this is our train wreck.
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