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In Dumbo, the Scion Cometh

By way of a profile in UPenn's glossy alumni magazine comes a shocking admission from Jed Walentas, son of Dumbo überdeveloper David:

?Certainly, there are people who were there before we were?the neighborhood has a long history,? he notes. ?And certainly we are proponents of gentrification. We?ve dramatically increased everyone?s property value, including ours. Through that process, what some people refer to as ?character? can get destroyed."
Okay, we're being unfair to single out that quote. (But that's what we do!) Two Trees Management has always struck us as developers who tend to get it right (the occasional sludge rainstorm notwithstanding). And hey, we'd really like to live in that clock building some day. Jed, baby?let's do lunch.
· The Rebirth of DUMBO [UPenn Gazette]