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Hunters Point Is the Greatest Place on Earth

As we sit and wait for our favorite Long Island City 2BR to sell (Corcoran broker Valerie Dominguez reports, "The open house was great, no one threatened me or anything"), we are soaking up this weekend's report that Long Island City (more specifically, Hunters Point) is the hot new nabe. According to the Post, at least eight new apartment buildings are slated to join Citylights on the waterfront over the next 10 years. Oh, and they may have a series of international sporting contests there in 2012. There are still some problems, as we've already discussed, but that has not stopped the local boosters from declaring the beginning of something big. A trio of grand proclamations for your consideration:

· "This area has more potential than probably anywhere else in the world." ?Queens councilman Eric Gioia
· "These are the best views in the world. Our apartments will have style, glamour and services that will make it look like Midtown migrated to Queens." ?Jon McMillan, Rockrose development director
· "This is going to be the most elite spot to live outside Manhattan." ?Ephrom Allen, Halstead Realty
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