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Barbara Corcoran Interview: Bubble? What Bubble?

We had a hard time distilling this brief Barbara Corcoran interview into one post (left out: "Other than my boyfriend and business partner marrying my secretary..."). But, for now, this will have to do:

Q: Any advice for sellers?
A: Sellers don't need any advice. The one thing: If you want to be overpaid, underprice by 10% and see what happens. It creates a feeding frenzy. Have your home priced by three brokers, go with the lowest, and knock 10% off that. Only 1 in 10 people maybe has that chutzpah, but it works again and again and again.

Q: What about tips for buyers?
A: For buyers, No. 1, I guess, is that cash is king. You have to think like a competitor. Over and over again, people say, "I'll give you the higher price, but I need five days."

Oh, and one more thing: the bubble's all in your mind.
· "Of Course, There's No Bubble" [Business Week]