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Apartment Pricing Update: More from the Stratosphere

Yesterday, we noted that apartment prices on NYC seem to be on the rise practically overnight?actually, make that literally overnight. More Curbed reader tales of rapid price escalation:

1) "In January/ early Feb we put an offer in for asking ($1.25MM) on 1BR, home office 1.5 bth at 1 Main Street in Dumbo that had been on the market for at least a month. Buyer not only did not accept our offer but increased price to $1.3MM. Still on market as of this weekend."
2) "Apartment at 171 East 84th Street taken off the market in march of 2004 priced at $795k... it came back on the market in October 2004 at $995k... still the same owner."
3) "This was a lovely apt in Park Slope?lots of light, great school district, 3 bed (1 very tiny, 1 medium, 1 good), only 1 bathroom (renovated but very narrow), modern fireplace, renovated kitchen, separate dining room, and rooftop area shared with the other top-floor apt. 4th floor walk-up in a building that didn't look too well-kept. Total sq feet of apartment 1100, roof adds another 300. It was listed at $759,000 and went for $851,000. Multiple bids. This broker uses the "best and final" bid system. So I'd like to know, when blind bidding, how would a person know to bid $92,000 over the asking price? With the current market it sounds like I would need to look at apartments $100,000 below my maximum price so that I can bid up to it. Crazy!!" (Awesome rug, above, not included.)

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