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Williamsburg Hotel Plot Thickens: Dueling Sites?

A Curbed reader emails the background on the site of Williamsburg hotel dreams:

This has been around for ages. 93 North 9th has been turned down at the community board twice for variances (no idea where they stand at BSA, though). When the rezoning goes through, this site will still be zoned M1, so there will be no residential as of right. A "hotel" might work as of right (I don't know), but basically, for $11 million dollars you're buying a one-story building with really big steel columns sticking up out of the roof.
Meanwhile, another source checks in to say there is indeed a hotel (Best Western? Econo Lodge?) in the works in the 'Burg ? on North 9th and Roebling. "And it's not just a dream, it's already under construction."
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