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Break Me Off a Piece of the Flatiron Building

Resoration work on the famous Flatiron Building in, uh, the Flatiron District is creating instant terra cotta souvenirs for those in the know. Writes blogger Teresa Nielsen Hayden,

I recently had an errand to run up on the top floor, so I took a few minutes to nose round in the office space up there that?s being renovated. Outside the windows, workmen were pulling cracked or broken columns out of the colonnade and tossing them onto a heap. I opened the window, stuck my head out, and mustered up enough Spanish to say ?Can I have one of those? I just want it for my garden.? They gave me a nice corner of a column. They?d have given me the entire bottom half of one, but I couldn?t possibly have carried it.She closes with some advice: "If you?re the scrounging sort, are in New York, and would fancy a historical bit of ornamental terra cotta, the dumpster's on the east side of the building. Act now."
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