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Union Square's Stairway to Nowhere Vanishes

All is change in Union Square. Last Tuesday, the Paterson Silks Building, built in 1949 on the corner of University and 14th, fell to the wrecking ball with no advance warning. A Curbed reader reports:

Here?s a rare photograph of Morris Lapidus? Paterson Silks Store in all its pre-demolition, cheese-hole, stairway to nowhere glory. Fortunately, this photo documents the loving, 1998 restoration by architect John Remnitz for Odd-Job Trading. The building was in excellent condition after this restoration ?-its architectural integrity was not compromised in any way. Robert B. Tierney, chairman of the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission, tried to imply otherwise to the Times last week ("It always takes time to consider particular buildings that are of relatively recent vintage that are not slam-dunk designable and that have been heavily altered over the years.") Perhaps significant mid-century modern architecture in New York will have a better chance of survival after election time this fall.

Zing! Hey Ben, how's "modern architecture" polling as a Mayoral electoral factor?