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Jets Stadium Update: Get Your Namath Mini-Helmet!

For those who've all but abandoned following the insane machinations surrounding the Jets Stadium proposed for the West Side rail yards, a quick, EZ catch-up course!

1) Yesterday: Out of other ideas and "bored," Jets sue Cablevision. (David Boies in the house!) [Newsday]
2) Also Yesterday: Jets say their offer to buy Giants Stadium in New Jersey was actually a joke. (Gang Green: very subtle sense of humor.) [AP]
3) Still Yesterday: Joe Namath-signed goods that the Jets have been "handing out" may be an, um, ethical violation. (NYT: "Mr. Namath autographed minihelmets for some of the lawmakers there, and with each stroke of his marker, those minihelmets - plastic trinkets worth little by themselves - became worth more than a hundred dollars.") [NYTimes]
4) Tuesday: Out of other ideas and "bored," NFL declares itself set to award NYC 2010 Super Bowl, stadium or no stadium. (Prospect of game played in rail yards deemed "ratings-grabber.") [NYTimes]
5) Last Week: More insane shit! [Field of Schemes]