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Open House Report: Tiny $999,000 Townhouse

More from the overheated housing market. A Curbed reader emails about an open house in Park Slope last weekend that proved to be a little less than meets the eye:

This looked like the best deal out of Park Slope in a long time?beautiful renovation, great location?so why was it "only" a million (minus one dollar)? The answer is a movie title?it was "Million Dollar Baby" or maybe "Welcome to the Dollhouse." My curiosity whetted, I journeyed from the Upper West Side to 6th Avenue to see what was wrong with this picture. The answer: nothing, really, as long as you don't crave a lot of space. The lot is 14 feet wide, so the house is, what, 12 feet wide? How deep? They don't say, but I wonder: is there even 1200 square feet on the three levels, altogether? Beautiful, tasteful renovation but diminutive is the word.

For those who think small is beautiful, there's another open house this Sunday. And a reminder: we love open house reports; send 'em along to
· Listing: Park Slope Townhouse, 14th/15th Streets [NYTimes Listings]