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Unusual Listing #3: Titantic Bullshit on 81st

Broker Dean Evans of Elliman has a way with words. Witness his recent "description" of an UWS 2BR (asking $1.55MM):

The plans for the Titanic were well under way. Ladies were tightening their corsets and straightening their bustles. Gentleman were tipping their top hats and taping their canes; when the Barrington was opening their doors and welcoming the first residents to this new style building.
At least one Curbed reader is not buying what Evans is selling: "Since when do we have to hear some sappy story concocted by a broker about a prewar apartment? Whatever happened to simply putting 'old-world-charm' and leaving the imaginative part up to the buyer?" We're also wondering whether a reference to the Titanic is the surest path to a sale. It sunk, remember?
· Listing: 203 W. 81st St. [Douglas Elliman]