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Unusual Listing #1: Chelsea Koi Pond

This morning, we put out the call for unusual apartment listings. This afternoon, we present the results. Our first contestant is this Chelsea duplex (asking $999K) with a built-in pond (koi and coy!). The spiral staircase leads to a downstairs lair. The sun room opens onto a 500-sqft garden with a hot tub and waterfalls ("It?s like your own beach in Miami," the listing says. Um, right.) Reports our correspondent, "It reminds me of Dudley Moore's setup in Foul Play, but with real style (no flashing lights)."
· Listing: 356 West 23rd Street [JC Deniro]

UPDATE: No, it's not this Tribeca apartment with Koi pond we featured recently. Notes a Curbed reader, "Shit. Does this mean koi ponds are jumping the shark?"