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Tribute to an Odd Job

Following up on our item yesterday about the demolition of the Morris Lapidus-designed Odd Job building in Union Square, design blog Unbeige pens a tribute:

It was cool and quirky and weird. It was a fun building to be in. It had marble speckled floors and, I'm pretty sure, aluminum bannisters. It was an Odd-Job store so of course it was total chaos, but still you got the vibe that you weren't shoping in say KMart or even Odd-Job's might-have-been neighbor, the swank new Whole Foods that recently opened just east of the demo'd site.For those seeking a taste of Lapidus in Manhattan, Unbeige notes that the Metropolitan Hotel at Lexington and 51st (above) beckons, "a white building with a sweeping curvy facade and turquoise details that feel much more Miami than midtown."
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