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Heiberger Resigns, Leaves Terse Email In Wake

Yesterday, Curbed received a phone call from a source deep inside the NYC real estate industry, whispering that Citi Habitats president Andrew Heiberger, 36, was resigning his job less than a year after Corcoran snapped up his firm for $49 million. Veeery interesting, we thought, then realized we couldn't write about it because we didn't know how to spell his last name. (Lois Weiss had the scoop in today's Post.) But lo! Comes another Curbed tipster with serious dirt on Heiberg's departure, including the terse email sent to Citi Habitats staffers this morning. It's after the jump, darlings.

A Curbed tipster, who may never work in this town again, emails:

I wonder if Heiberger's departure would have anything to do with the current fiasco surrounding the supposed integration of our two datatbases