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Bloomberg Says Maybe to Queens Olympic Stadium

You know the old saying: If it's good enough for the Mets, it's good enough for the world. In a dramatic turnaround, the Mayor now says that he'd consider an Olympic stadium in a Queens junkyard as a last resort, according to a report in today's Post. The idea isn't new ? the City said in March '02 that a retrofitted Shea Stadium was the best alternative to a West Side stadium ? but Bloomberg hadn't publicly acknowledged the possibility until yeseterday, when he spoke at a breakfast with business execs. The Jets were not amused.

Meanwhile, a recent IOC survey suggests that New Yorkers' support for the bid may be withering: 59 percent of city residents support the bid, down from the 64 to 79 percent the city claimed in its bid book. That's considerably less than London (68 percent), Madrid (91 percent), and Paris (85 percent).
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