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Elegy for the Bowery

O, farmland of our youth! O, punk palaces of an earlier day! The Village Voice, from its perch atop the storied thoroughfare, takes a wistful stroll down The Bowery, starting at the yellow tower of power at 195 Bowery (is it just us, or has work ground to a halt there this winter?). Writes Joy Press, "Sure, this instant infusion of wealth sounds like a grotesquely accelerated version of what's happened elsewhere in the city. Except this isn't elsewhere: It's the Bowery, a legendary slum." It's a great, long piece with lots of detailed history about the neighborhood (and the obligatory CBGB mention)?perhaps even worth picking up in the print edition, if you don't mind that kind of kinkiness.
· An Elegy for the Bowery [Village Voice]