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The Take on Take-Out

The NYT's Dining section goes home delivery crazy today with a series of articles on the "ordering in" phenomenon that includes 10 reporters surveying the best delivery choices in neighborhoods from Harlem to Park Slope. (Do plan ahead. Florence Fabricant reports from the Upper West Side, "The only good kosher place, Fischer Brothers & Leslie, closes at 7 p.m. and plans delivery a day in advance.")

Pity the Lower East Side, which gets lumped into the East Village in the NYT's roundup. Enter Tale of Two Cities, which files its own delivery report for the hood. On Tiny's Giant Sandwich Shop: "Why pay $8 for Moby's teeny goods when you can pay the same amount for a sandwich that's twice as big. Tiny's dubious success rate at actually getting your order correct means that opening each sandwich is like unwrapping presents on Christmas morning."
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