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Unusual Listings Redux: Only the Kitchen Is Hideous!

Some reader feedback on the unusual listings we featured on Friday. Dwelling Qwest broker Michelle Solomon gets us started with a trip to Carnegie Hill:

I went to the Open House for the apartment with the gross cabinets (Unusual Listing #2 ? is there a better way to describe it?) & can vouch that it?s the only room in the apartment that?s completely hideous. I asked the broker when they renovated the kitchen last & she said ?Never.? Well, of course ? who would want to get rid of that?
Don't miss the half-way houses and filthy neighborhoods of yore on the other side of this link.

In Chelsea, a reader suggests that the koi pond serenity of Unusual Listing #1 may be compensation for the mayhem outside.

The listing conveniently fails to mention that next door to that building is the oh-so lovely Hotel Allerton, a half-way house for those unfortunate souls who cannot afford to pay $1 million to live in a windowless basement in Chelsea.