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Thomas Mayne Celebrated for Non-NYC Work

Fucking classic. Thomas Mayne, the crazed, tripped-out architect behind L.A. firm Morphosis, is this year's winner of the Pritzker Prize (a sort of a Nobel Peace Prize for architects). Naturally, Mr. Mayne has no (read: zero, nada) buildings actually standing in New York City?but hey, at least there's the vague promise of one! Mayne is behind the plan for that translucent Cooper Union building (above) at Astor Place (construction to begin next year on the woman's nylon stocking). And, he's the guy who envisions an East River beach as part of the Long Island City Olympic Village. What, you don't think NYC is going to get the Olympics? Bloomberg says the complex will be built anyway. Er, mmmmkay. Sure.
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