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Fun With Wacky Apartment Rentals

Friday afternoon, we perused five unusual apartment listings for sale in Manhattan. Left out of the fun were renters. A Curbed reader remedies this with a wacky apartments-for-rent roundup:

Cit Habitats had an apartment, listed as a 2 room studio, on Irving Place. The only problem is that the two rooms are on separate floors in the building and are in no way connected. One room was the bedroom, with a separate bathroom, and the other was the kitchen living room. One agent took a client there and couldn't find the kitchen part?they wandered all over the building but no luck. Asking was something like $1995/mo.

The strangest apartment I've seen recently is a 2-room studio, for $2100, on 14th St. between A & B. The building is very nice (it's a homesteaded co-op) and the apartment, although a 5th floor walk-up, is big, with windows on two sides, so it gets lots of light. The bathroom, however, in addition to being painted bright red, has the strangest tub/shower approximation I've ever seen?the space is only big enough for a shower stall, so intstead the owners have installed a big, deep stainless steel sink!?it's not long enough for use as a tub, just enough to crouch in. Totally weird?the combination of the color of the room and that bizarro sink thing is really perverse.
If you're into weird bathroom setups, here's a real gem from Craigslist: "Has no sink, but there is a bathtub. Toilet is in the kitchen?it doubles as counter space. No windows, but there is a skylight on top of the bathtub. This is convenient because the skylight tends to leak on really rainy days. Great deal for the right buyer. LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION."
· Location, Location, Location [King Critical]