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Flatiron Building Dumpster Update: Bricks N' More

Though the larder was bare late last week, the weekend provided fertile dumpster diving at the Flatiron Building. (If you haven't been following the saga, work on the famed facade is depositing terra cotta treasures in a dumpster on the street.) Blogger Amy Langfield files this Friday night report:

The bin is once again loaded with goodies. There was no tarp this evening, so the spouse and I dug through the trash from the edges and found a few pieces worth snagging. Two stamped bricks?"M&L W" and "Bourne"?plus a chunk of concrete with some sort of curved flourish. The bricks fit in my jacket pockets, though I had to carry the chunk of concrete on my lap as I rode the subway home. I tried not to make the crazy eyes lest the other passengers think I was toting it for protection.Flatiron dumpster diving: fun for the whole family!
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