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Billyburg Development Mania: Be Very Afraid

Our little Billyburg, all grown up. The Times Sunday real estate section takes a maniacally detailed look at new development in Williamsburg and Greenpoint, noting that 130 new buildings are planned for the borough. That should create over 10,000 new apartments in the next five years. Such a building boom awakens fears, however, of what could be. A Curbed reader emails:

The Times story notes, "Robert M. Scarano Jr., an architect based in Dumbo whose 60-person firm is leading the way, is working on 100 buildings in East Williamsburg alone." Be afraid: This is the firm responsible for both the Bowery Tower at 4 E 3rd St, East Village, and the StopOurSuperSizing monstrosity at 144 N 8th St., Williamsburg.Not to mention that nutty Dumbo lightshow. After the jump, a schematic of one of the Scarano developments planned for Williamsburg. Godspeed, little boro. We're proud to say we knew you when (even though we didn't).
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From Scarano Architects: The Casa at 92 Conselyea Street in East Williamsburg.
· The Casa []