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Upper East Side 350% Cooler than Williamsburg

In an epic bid to determine, once and for all, which NYC neighborhood is the hippest, Tale of Two Cities tallies the number of listings from each hood listed yesterday on Craigslist. A sampling of the results:

Red Hook: 100
Fort Greene: 154
Long Island City: 174
Lower East Side: 1,522
Harlem: 1,778
Williamsburg: 2,955 (including the 575 entries for Greenpoint but not including the six entries posted for "Williamsburgh." We're not that generous.)
Upper West Side: 9,605
Upper East Side: 10,443
He concludes, "So there you have it, folks. Something called the 'Upper East Side' is blowing away the competition when it comes to popularity. It's roughly 350%* cooler than Williamsburg! Go out there and buy buy buy buy buy!"
· Your Neighborhood Guide [Tale of Two Cities]