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On The Market: 'Ridiculous Steal' Studio

Yesterday, we noted the Post's contention that studio apartments are the new, uh, studio apartments. But can you really ever find one to buy that doesn't feel like some sort of terrible compromise? A Curbed reader living on East 10th Street thinks so:

I just had to tell you guys about an apartment just listed in my building. It's a great studio on sale for at least $75,000 less than market value (and way less than other recent studio sales in our building). It's vacant now and I'm guessing the owner had to move out of the country quickly. Either that or the broker is completely clueless. They describe the appliances as being stainless?they're not (except the fridge has some stainless steel panels), but they're GE profile and basically brand-new. This is a ridiculous steal. Anyway, our building is literally in the best neighborhood and on the best block. Tell your friends!Consider it done... and yours for $315,000. But why do we feel like we've just uncovered this week's version of that LIC 2BR? In the spirit of healthy discourse, competing opinions on this space are welcomed. As always, to
· Listing: East 10th Street Cooperative [Brown Harris Stevens]