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On the Market: Parkside 5th Avenue Townhouse

Enough of this nickel-and-diming. If you're going to spring for a New York City property, you might as well go all the way ? as in all the way to a Cass C.P.H. Gilbert-designed townhouse on 5th Avenue. Elevator? Check. 9 fireplaces? Check. Park view? Staff quarters? English basement? Check, check, check. Says our source, "While property prices in NYC are getting pathological, this modest little unit has a certain charm. And, at $23,800,000, a certain value."

After the jump, soak up the floor plan, all 6 floors of it. (NB: Forgive us for lopping off the 1500-sqft backyard.)

· Listing: 926 Fifth Avenue [Sotheby's (also Brown Harris]