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In Dramatic Reversal, LIC 2BR Now Listed at $625K

After shedding $100K earlier this week, the Citylights apartment with the breathtaking views and the equally breathtaking maintenance fees mysteriously gained $26K last night. In case you're having trouble keeping up, here's a quick recap: apartment listed at $699K, outrage in the streets, broker defiant; two weeks later, apartment drops to $599K, Citylights pool participants scramble to recalculate odds; one day later, apartment bounces back to $625K. And here we are. The folks at Realty Baron say that the average armchair appraisal on the apartment, based on 43 opinions, is $437K and trending down. Still, what happens next is as unpredictable as the 7 train. As our eagle-eyed source says, "Either the people at Corcoran are geniuses, or idiots. Time will tell which."
· UPDATE: Citylights 2BR Price Slashed [Curbed]