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Catfood Crisis on Lower East Side

First the oldskool clubs started to close down. Then Ratner's kosher facade gave way to a Sleepy's mattress store. Now, on Delancey Street, the last straw. A Curbed reader emails:

It seems the Petland on Delancey has shut down. I called the number, but it's been redirected to a Petland location in the Financial District. I gotta say, WTF? Now there are NO pet stores on the Lower East Side. Am I supposed to lug 20-pound bags of cat food from Union Square? Freakin' ridiculous. I mean, the staff there was fairly moronic (and they'd shut their doors at 6:50 PM because 'the register says it's 7 PM').Oh, the humanity! UPDATE: Crisis solved! A Curbed reader emails, "animal cracker on 1st DELIVERS cat food!"

UPDATE II: Another email: "I too noticed that Petland shut, but I did not think of it as, well, a crisis or anything worthy of attention. But you might want to let folks know -- if you are concerned about their pets -- that you can get Big Ass Bags O Pet Food at Pathmark which is technically still LES right, or is it Chinatown, or is there a difference? :)"