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The Curbed Ethicist (Part I): Pay The Guy Already

Yesterday, we posted an email from a Curbed reader asking whether (given the intricately-detailed circumstances), he was morally or legally obliged to pay an $1800 broker fee for a rental apartment in Murray Hill. A flood of email rolled in, splitting virtually 50/50 into the "pay the broker, you goddamn cheapskate" and "screw over the broker!" camps. After the jump, the pay the broker folks represent. The other side will have its say later this afternoon. Then, tomorrow, our original correspondent will reveal how he's decided to handle the situation.

Each paragraph is an email from a different reader. Emails from brokers are marked with an asterisk.

Given the facts, it's pretty much a slam dunk case for the broker that an oral contract was formed, which are enforceable in NY. The broker relied on the promise to pay in providing his services, limited as they may have been.