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Does Evil Lurk Behind the Burger Joint Curtain?

The Burger Joint, the hidden gem in the Parker Meridien Hotel, is catching flack for some alleged price-gouging. According to a Chowhound poster, the place is advertising combo meals (e.g., "007" and "666") that cost more than the sum of their parts.

At first I thought someone didn't know how to add when they wrote out the signs. But the woman at the counter shook her head in resignation and said I had to speak to the hotel management, which I did. Essentially I was told that they're charging more for the combos because they think that people won't bother to look at the regular menu, add up the prices, and figure out that they're being charged more for the same thing if they order by combo name instead of a-la-carte.· Burger Joint - pulling a fast one on customers [Chowhound]