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Approaching the $2 Million Barrier in Clinton Hill

Reflecting on a new property listing, Brownstoner takes stock of the Clinton Hill brownstone market:

Over the past six months or so, we?d estimate that the going price for one in need of a significant renovation has been about $1.1 to $1.4 million while a finished one has been in the range of $1.5 to $1.8 million. Obviously, like any other area, Clinton Hill varies block to block, so there may be a good reason that this beauty is on the market for $2 million. Nonetheless, this is a psychologically significant price point for a non-mansion, so we are curious to see how it fares.Related: yesterday, Brownstoner took note of a (perhaps overpriced?) Park Slope brownstone asking $1.8 million, sparking a good debate.
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