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Curbed Update: Desperate Sell-Out Officially Underway

Anything look a little, uh, different around here? Do not adjust your screen?exactly 10 months to the day since Curbed launched, our desperate sell-out bid picks up steam with the debut of a major site sponsor. Here's everything you might want to know, on the other side of this here link...

1) Curbed remains addicted to our editorial independence. Advertising is negotiated separately from the trough where we crank out this shit, a "church and state" separation found in most legit media. The coming of advertising to Curbed doesn't change our ability to mock to our heart's content, nor will we work with advertisers that attempt to influence our editorial coverage in any way.
2) All advertising on the site will always be labeled as such. Links in this blog, or in the links sidebar in the second column, are editorially selected and not available for sale.
3) The stream of shiny nickels that ads offer will allow us to try some new things and expand our coverage. Today, we debut a new, larger city map (see third column) that at long last breaks out selected uptown Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens neighborhoods (check out Harlem & East Harlem, Long Island City, and Dumbo & Brooklyn Heights, for example.) Come April, we're planning to debut a series of new daily editorial features in this space. And, in the months ahead, we have more nonsense in store. If you've got ideas, or would like to get involved, drop us a line.
4) More than ever, Curbed wants you. Since the beginning, reader interaction has been the lifeblood of this site. Whatever's on your mind, we want to hear it: (We do our damnedest to respond to all emails, but the volume is such that sometimes we drop the ball. Know this: the guilt is overwhelming.)
5) If you or your company is interested in advertising on Curbed, please email
6) Sit back and enjoy. Or don't. But trust us: we're still just as stupid as we were yesterday. And the day before that. (Didn't Heraclitus write something about a river? We're calling bullshit.) Onward!