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Curbed Readers Write: Scary Boxes & Dakota North

1) Overblown designer Karim Rashid is fashioning a scary new newspaper box for NYC streets, reports New York. Emails a Curbed reader, "It's so utterly wrong that it will undoubtedly be appearing on every corner in the city before long."
2) Regarding sale prices at the ever-popular Nexus development in Dumbo, a reader notes, "Those prices on the website are absolutely not accurate for some of the units?they are inflated. There was a 1st release of about 10 apartments?at a lower price. With the second release they jacked up the prices about 10%. Accordingly, they 'revised' the listed prices of the 1st release apts to make it look like there was no hike in release prices. Don't know if this is standard operating procedure, but it seems like false advertising to me."

After the jump, more on that Washington Heights Original, plus a theory about the coming crash of the sub-$1m housing market.

3) Way uptown, a Curbed reader emails about that Washington Heights original: "I've been to see the apartment and it is absolutely gorgeous