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Giggle Giggle! Go, Go Real Estate Bubble!

Bubble fever hits the front page of the NYT today with a story about these giddy real estate investing days. Where to look for tales of inadvertent excess, naturally, than Curbed's favorite Dumbo development du jour, The Nexus?

"It just seems like everyone is doing it," Laurie Romano, a 26-year-old self-described real estate investor, said with a giggle as she explained why she was attending an open house this month for the Nexus, a 56-unit building going up in Brooklyn's chic Dumbo neighborhood.Disclosure: Curbed is name-checked in the story (alongside, er, The Real Estate Pimp). Knowing we've officially done our little part to one day bring down the global real estate market, we can now pass on from this life. (Dibs on our slightly below market-rate Lower East Side rental to
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