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FreshDirect Taunts LICers from Across the Fence

Residents of another NYC nabe have their panties in a bunch over FreshDirect's failure to deliver to their doorsteps. We feel like we've heard this sob story somewhere before, but there is one amusing twist this time around: the neighborhood, Long Island City, is home to FreshDirect's warehouse. Ha! Lee Ann Westover sums up the cruel reality: "The truck goes one block from my house and doesn't go to my house. They could stop on the way, or throw it out the window." Of course, if she lived in one of the 'hood's two high-rises (like, say, Citylights ? okay, two funny twists), she'd already be getting the goods. Curses! FreshDirect says it will begin servicing the rest 11101 and 11109 zips in the fall. In the meantime, residents of the LIC will simply have to starve. Or, they could try to woo the grocers with fancy fridges, a la Michael Shvo.
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