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Spelunking in Downtown NYC

If you've happened past the corner of Stanton and Chrystie Streets on the Lower East Side recently, there's a sight to behold beneath your feet. Architectural blogger Miss Representation pays tribute:

To get an understanding of the complexity of that hides between the buildings, it takes a rare moment of street opening. So there are holes, and then there are superlatives of holes, such as can be found at the intersection of Stanton and Chrystie Streets. I consider myself something of a connoisseur of such sites, and this is quite literally awe-inspiring. A temporary street crosses the opening, with the cut visible on both sides, showing a network of suspended cables, conduits, supply lines, and temporary bracing.
He adds, "For those who are more adventurous, not only is this a hell of a thing to see, but there is also a readily accessible ladder?a quick hop over some fencing, and you could be in." Curbed doesn't condone such nefarious, illegal behavior, but reports of subterranean adventures would be, um, interesting.
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