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Bruce & Frank's Downtown Tower Wants You!

Is that Frank Gehry-designed residential tower in downtown Manhattan inching closer to reality? Last fall, developer Bruce Ratner leaked word of a 70-to-75-story Gehry-architected building slated for the open lot at 85 Bleekman Street, designs of which have not yet been made public. This week, a strange email is circulating seeking luxury individuals interested in participating in a focus group about the tower-to-be. For your reading pleasure, full text of the email after the jump.

The email reads:

From: [redacted]
Sent: Monday, March 28, 2005 4:02 PM
Subject: seeking new yorkers for research about apartments and neighborhoods Hello,

We're helping a New York developer to plan a Frank Gehry-designed residential tower in lower Manhattan. To better understand the needs of the building's future residents, we're planning several workshops with people who live New York City and surrounding areas. We are seeking:

A. People who live in a 'luxury' apartment or loft, are seriously considering renting or buying one, or have done so in the past. (rent :$3000+ / month; purchase $1.5 million+)
B. Within group A, we are trying to find:
- Design / architecture lovers
- Manhattan-philes (people who would never consider living anywhere other than Manhattan)
- People who live / have lived in luxury corporate apartments
- Suburban dwellers who have, or are considering, owning or renting a second home in the city
- Luxury brand users (e.g. Prada, Fendi, W Hotels, Bang & Olufsen, etc...)

We are planning a workshop this Thursday, March 31 at 7-9 pm (time to be confirmed) in mid-town. Workshops participants will spend a fun evening contributing their views on NYC's neighborhoods and apartments, and sharing experiences they've had. In addition to contributing to the design of a notable building, we'll provide dinner and give you a small gift as a token of our thanks.

Several other workshops will take place the week of April 4 and 11.

If you or anyone you know fits both categories A & B, please have them reply to [redacted] with the following info:

neighborhood where you currently live:
category (ies) from 'B' that you fall under (describe briefly):

Thanks in advance for your help!
[signature etc]

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