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Curbed Crossfire: Shvo Pro/No

With the city's real estate brokerages still reeling from this week's big article about young powerbroker Michael Shvo, Curbed presents a very special debate. Topic: Shvo, yes or no?

PRO SHVO: Paul Purcell emails, "A response to the quote you used from me in your commentary on the Shvo article: I am actually very impressed by Michael?s abilities, talents and success. While I don?t feel that I?m his 'friend,' I do feel that I'm not the kind of 'friend' you refer to in your 'review' of the article in New York Magazine. Yes, he drove me crazy, but I chose to continue to work with him while I was the president of Douglas Elliman. Frankly, many of my brokers drove me crazy. The difference between Michael and some of the others was that he was creating a successful business. He?s a smart fellow and a driven one. The challenge for me was more interesting with him."
NO SHVO: A broker who asks to remain anonymous emails, "Michael Shvo is the most obnoxious broker I've ever worked with and his tactics are downright unethical; the same goes for his staff of clones. Most brokers here try to avoid his listings at all costs. Do not publish my name of course. Everyone in my office is stunned by the shvo comments from Elliman and Corcoran top people."

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