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West Side Stadium Race: Down the Stretch They Come

Darkhorse TransGas Energy, the Brooklyn power plant people, are apparently still in the running to win the West Side rail yards, having raised its bid to over $1 billion (as Curbed vaguely forecast back on Feb. 22). Alas, no image yet of the TransGas plan, which the NYT reports includes "housing, retail space, possibly a 'temporary' Olympic Stadium not designed for football use." Meantime, a Curbed reader is convinced we have it in unfairly for Cablevision. In point of fact, we do have it in for Cablevision, but in the interests of fairness, balance, and all that jazz, check out the reader's email?buried inconveniently after the jump.
· Details Emerge on Rival Railyard Bids [NYTimes]

A Curbed reader emails:

While you easily disparage the Cablevision plan/illustration I am left asking...

Where are the ugly illustrations for the Stadium? Do you know what life is like outside a stadium at night? [Drunken?