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Tenement Musuem As Force for Evil

Thinking of taking the relatives to the Lower East Side's Tenement Museum the next time they're in town? Think again! Blogger Tale of Two Cities reports on an alarming confrontation in front of the museum:

"Yeah, so there's tours and everything that go through the building," I said, pointing toward 97 Orchard St. "It's pretty cool."

"It sucks!" bellowed an unseen woman behind us.

A little alarmed at the sudden outburst, our party turned around to face the eavesdropper. "Don't you know what they did three years ago?" she asked.

Of course we didn't know. Two of us were Canadian, one of us was in from Boston for a few days, and I thought something as seemingly innocuous as a little neighborhood museum couldn't be responsible for anything seedy. Oh, how wrong I was.

Naturally, the dispute involved a purported land-grab. To brace yourself for the experience of being accosted outside the Tenement Museum, we recommend boning up on the charming Tenement Museum protest website, Tenement Nauseum.
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