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Ear Inn Gets New Neighbors

In the Soho West/Village South microhood known to some as Hudson Square, blogger A Test of Will meditates on the construction projects transforming little-known Renwick Street:

Renwick is one of those block-long trivia streets. (It's between Spring and Canal, just east of Greenwich). This Hudson Square/whatever you call it area has to have the greatest construction density of any neighborhood... This tiny area has this site, plus a huge area cleared on the other side of the building in this picture, plus a new lot cleared next to the Ear Inn. Plus they just built that huge glass building on this block. So in a year or so they're going to add a lot of new residents. It'll be a different place for sure.Also in Test of Will's Greenwich Street lens as of late: a construction shot of Robert DeNiro's Tribeca hotel-to-be (no longer a mudpit), and possible historic preservation for three historic row houses south of the WTC Site.
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