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Fordham to Play in Alfred's Backyard

What's that? You want more tales of luxury on the UWS? A Curbed correspondent delivers:

Residents of the swanky Alfred Condominium have just been apprised of their cruel fate. The Alfred's "backyard", owned by Fordham University, is over an acre of land directly behind the building which many residents use for frolicking and other things people enjoy in their backyards. More importantly, it leaves room for sweeping views of Lincoln Center and the Hudson river which have been enjoyed since the condo's opening in 1987. The age of innocence has come to an end as Fordham, the evil real estate tycoons, have planned a 56 story residential tower to be built on the vacant land. The Alfred is only 37 stories. Wonder what prospective buyers of the $12.7 mil penthouse will think about that!· Cramped Fordham Plans to Expand at Lincoln Center [NY Times]
· Listings: 161 W. 61st St. [Corcoran]