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Park Slope's Sprawl UFO Morphs Into Regular Bank

In Park Slope this morning, neighborhood activists are sitting down with the wolf?in this case, Commerce Bank?to announce a truce in the battle over the possible invasion of a UFO from Planet Sprawl. In place of a drive-through bank design better suited for South Jersey, the lot at Fifth Avenue (between First/Garfield) will instead score a more conventional bank (above). Good times! Still, we feel for the activists who had to attach their name to a joint press release. (Said Aaron Naparstek, ?The new bank is a welcome addition to Fifth Avenue and, personally, I can?t wait to use the free coin-counting machine.? Just joking, Aaron?Curbed loves ya.) More PR after the jump.

The press release:

Park Slope Neighbors and Commerce Bank Work Together to Produce Outstanding Results for Park Slope