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Is Bruni Seeing Stars in Outer-Borough Reviews?

When Bruni dropped two stars on Stone Park Café yesterday (in an odd review that praised the restaurant's bone marrow and its tilapia sandwich), we got to thinking, is this Park Slope's first multi-star joint? After running the numbers via the Times advanced restaurant search tool, we concluded that yes, it is. In fact, it's only the third Brooklyn resto to receive more than one star (joining 2-star River Café (pictured above) and 3-star Peter Luger) and only the sixth outer-borough establishment to earn the anointment (Joe's Shanghai, Ping's Chinese, and Sripraphai, all of Queens, are the other three).

Now, it's possible that the Times search tool doesn't keep up with its reviewers, but if our math is correct, the current distribution of two-star-plus restaurants in the five boroughs looks like this: Manhattan, 194; the other four boroughs, 6.
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