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The Sky's the Limit

Steven Gaines, who authored the definitive Hamptons real estate tell-all, Philistines at the Hedgerow, has turned his gaze to Manhattan. In The Atlantic, Benjamin Schwartz reviews Gaines' forthcoming The Sky's The Limit:

The gossip is pretty tired or predictable for devoted readers of the aggressively jaded New York Observer... But Gaines's profiles of his guides?some of the fanciest real-estate brokers in the city?are charming. For the most part these people come off as ironic, skeptical, and very smart?and a lot more interesting, sensible, and humane than their clients... What makes this book really fascinating is... the analysis of minute social gradations within the privileged classes... Even now that Fifth Avenue has nearly completed its evolution (or, some would say, decline) into its current tinselly condition (read "the home of more and more celebrities," but really read "the home of more and more Jews"), Central Park still represents an enormous social chasm, between the East Side (read "fewer Jews") and the West Side ("more Jews").

Jewtastic! Book's out in June, but give in and pre-order on Amazon.
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