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Pomeranc's Razing of LES Underway

Just below Houston Street between Allen and Orchard, the fun has begun for 60 Thompson hotelier Jason Pomeranc's massive Lower East Side hotel/spa project. CityRag snapped some photos (above), noting, "The Lower East Side has put up with a lot of crappy gentrification, but this seriously scares us," while Tale of Two Cities assesses the probable winners (crappy soccer-themed bar Maradonna!). Finally, SLNY adds to the drumbeat with a big-picture Jason update:

MR. A60 (pomeranc's case to succeed schrager as laser light show czar)
allen st -- construction underway on hotel on riv ii
60 thompson -- thom bar to be receiving makeover in good time

6 columbus -- slated for summer 05Good times never hurt so bad.
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