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Newsflash: Real Estate Honchos Loathed

In a real estate-obsessed city, it's natural that real estate players would rank among the most loathed. New York Press has issued its annual list of the city's most unctuous individuals, this year among them THOR developer Paul Stallings (#22, "had bodybuilder-thug Rufus Graham... kick in the apartment door of one of his apartments last year"), city planning chief Amanda Burden (#14, "has become the ultimate City Hall insider"), Vornado's Steven Roth (#5, Regarding Wal-Mart in Queens, "thanks a fucking lot"), and, all the way up at #4, Barbara Corcoran ("The Corcoran Group is the Wal-Mart of real estate.") Congratulations to all the winners! (Meantime, somewhere in Midtown, Michael Shvo just punched a wall after being advised that he did not make the list.)
· 50 Most Loathsome New Yorkers [NYPress]