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Stadium Home Stretch: Jets Win!

Mere hours before the MTA gathers to officially decide which mega-conglomerate will be allowed to develop a mega-development on the West Side, things look rosy for the Jets. (Crazy as it sounds, MTA chairman Peter Kalikow apparently has determined that the Cablevision offer was "not credible," and was essentially intended to piss off the Jets.) Slightly biased stadiums blog Field of Schemes considers the what now:

So what does this mean as far as whether the stadium actually gets built? The New York Post, which can't resist a bad sports metaphor, wrote that the Jets' stadium drive "will cross the goal line today," but in fact it just gets back to the field position it was in two months ago: With $600 million in city and state funds yet to be approved, and state legislative leaders showing no inclination to sign off on the deal anytime soon. If anything, things have gone backwards.But oh, the good times we had.
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