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Don't Blame Jersey for Park Slope Sprawl

A Curbed reader is disappointed in our suggestion that earlier designs of the Park Slope Commerce Bank were "better suited for South Jersey." He writes,

While I think we can all agree that if one has to pick on New Jersey then one must focus one's energies on the Southern, Philly-like half, why drag The Garden State into this at all? It's doing its best to look nice, and it would appreciate not being used as a metaphor for all things poorly planned...I expect better than cheap New Jersey jokes to prove a point about why no one needs drive-through banks. If you need more places to make fun of, I can recommend Connecticut and also Medford, Mass.
We blame Park Slope activist Aaron Naparstek, who threw the first stone in December, but we admit that the piling on may have been unfair. To atone for our sins, we offer this report of a President Bush sighting today in Westfield, N.J., where we hear the drive-through banks are quite tasteful.
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