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Clinton Hill Update: Volvos Cometh

A LiveJournal blogger in up-and-coming Brooklyn neighborhood Clinton Hill waxes rhapsodic for his trendy hood:

I really wish someone would explain to me how an area goes from being a neighborhood to becoming a fucking EVENT. WAY back in 1995, I BEGGED my mom to buy something on my block and she LAUGHED at me...

You know what I see when I walk around here now? Tons of not-exactly-fresh-outta-high school Pratt students (getting an MFA must be the same as getting an MBA was 20 years ago). Rich white dads with baby backpacks. People standing in front of the Clinton Washington stop asking for directions to Myrtle Avenue. Nannys wheeling children in expensive strollers. And lots and lots of Volvos. They're already swarming. I've gotta get out of here.

· Biggie Shoulda Been Buying Real Estate [HipHopDiary via ltjbukem]