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The FSBO War Continues with The Battle of Red Hook

Another report detailing the dangers of for-sale-by-owner listings:

I read about the Open House incident in Soho and thought I would share a broker nightmare of my own. I have a FSBO house in Red Hook listed for 1.1 million. I got a call from [name/brokerage redacted] asking some questions about my property. I gave her the details and told her if she had any clients interested in Red Hook I would be happy to discuss paying her a commission. I was browsing the NYTimes Online classifieds the next day and was startled to find a photo of my building listed for $1,250,000, $150,000 more than my asking price! I clicked on the link that directed me to [broker's] website. She had taken all the photos from my website and stamped them with her company's logo, implying some sort of exclusive.
She also listed the building as having six bedrooms and three baths (it has two bedrooms and two baths) with monthly taxes of $1369 (the taxes are approx $110 a month). I called her and informed her that I felt it was unethical for her advertise my property like that. She immediately became incensed and started calling me names, asking me, "What the hell do you want from me?" I hung up and called her boss who was very helpful and apologetic and immediately took the listing off their website. She has since called me several times and left nasty messages calling me a "small minded" and "stupid" person. I was totally startled by this woman's behavior as most broker's that have I have dealt with have been very pleasant. NYC real estate never fails to amaze.
We haven't heard the broker's side yet, but we are encouraged by at least one element of this dispute: no bloodshed!

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